1 Year ago, Steve Tilford

It was a year ago that Steve Tilford and I were in a car crash which killed Steve. I spoke about the accident and Steve publicly the day of the accident but have been silent since. There are many reasons for that some or, maybe all of which I will write about over the next few months. Events and people can have a profound impact on our lives. Steve definitely had that impact on many people including myself. This event had a big impact on my perspective on many things most of which I have also not shared. I had kinda set myself a goal to wait a year, I am glad I have.

There are some that will be offended by what I say in ways I can’t even imagine or understand. I could be flippant and say I don’t give a shit. That’s not true, I do care. We each have the right to express ourselves, opinions, thoughts, emotions, experiences and we should let others do the same with compassion.

I think I will start today with looking back on the accident, my experience, what I thought I knew happened and what I now know and don’t. I have talked to police, attorneys, and others, “truth” is a strange thing, I have learned that in a highly emotional state our brains quickly grasp onto facts and create a narrative of events without thinking critically if they are true. Over the last few months, I have thought more critically the events of that night. The police report, which I have but have not read. Others have shared parts of it and I know it has errors or at least is not as I remember the events.  It’s not for me to define the truth for anyone else but It is time for me to recall and piece together the truth for myself.

For the first time, (as I write this) I have looked at my phone records for that night to get an idea of the timing of events and the time stamps on the photos. The question I don’t have an answer to only an idea was how long after the first accident did the second which killed Steve happen? This is my question today. Here are the records I have.

  • 12:26AM I make my first call
  • 12:31:58AM the photo on this post was taken. Steve on the right and Tucker in the van window.
  • 12:32AM Is the first text
  • 12:31AM is the first photo about 3 min later is my last photo
  • 1:00AM is the next time I try to call Steve.

I was on the phone with others between 12:26 and 1:00. I had gone up the road and into a truck. When the next accident occurred I called Steve to see if he was ok and got no answer. The second accident must have accord near 1:00AM. I assume the truck had a block box and the exact time might know. I guess it was 34 min.

Anyone should feel free to ask me questions

10 thoughts on “1 Year ago, Steve Tilford”

  1. Vincent I’ve always wondered where was the semi trailer at when yiu guys first crashed into it? Did he jackknife it so it was sideways across the road? And I know that time does heal wounds but I’m you miss Steve as do many others.

    1. Dana, The driver had gone off the road to the right and then swerved back on causing the semi to flip onto its side. The trailer was across the road with the unlit bottom facing our direction. At 80 mph there is no time to see or do anything about it.

    2. That’s pretty much what I had heard/read. Didn’t know that the trailer had flipped over. Thanks for answering. I think many people just want to know what happened.

  2. Vincent, Thanks for sharing. I was on I70 in Denver yesterday and thoughts of Steve and you came to mind. Though I never met Steve or you, the wreck had wide reaching impacts. Take care.

  3. I think of Steve often. I do spend time in that part of I-70 as well. Thank you for being there, for what that’s worth.

  4. I had moments with Steve. Short brief conversations about events or in the presence of others that knew him much better than I. But his writings connected us all. I still have his page bookmarked. Very happy to see you start this.

  5. Steve has been thought of continuously in the last year. His presence, including his blog, are missed. It’s my hope you’ve been taking care of and nurturing yourself level as you’ve navigated through the grief in the past year. Thank you for sharing this today.

  6. Vincent, I’m know you, like so many of us, lost a very dear friend and/or family member. I can’t imagine having to process the experience of being there.

  7. Why haven’t you admitted that you were driving when the initial crash happened? Steve would be alive today if you weren’t such a fuck up.

    1. I find your claim of “Steve’s Real Friends” to be more offensive than your claim that I was driving. I don’t even see how who was driving matters.
      It is sad how Steve’s death has affected many long-time friendships because of rumors and misinformation. It’s honestly puzzling to me how rumors like this start.
      The facts, the second truck going 70mph that never hit the brakes was the immediate cause of Steve’s death. There are several people that Steve himself told he was driving between the time of the first and second accident (~30min). You could ask them if you cared to know the truth. Additionally, the first truck driver claims he was run off the road by a black SUV. I am skeptical of this but the only proof is the 1 truck drivers word.
      Although you post under an alias, I know who you are.

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