Korean concert – Gangnam style

I have been to 1 concert in my life. It was at a concert venue jest west of Kansas City. I don’t remember when it was, maybe between my sophomore and junior years of high school. I also don’t remember the who the bad was. Obviously it did not leave much of an impression and as time has past my interest in listening to music much less going to a concert has decreased to near zero.

Gangnam style, I find this interesting for many reason. The music seems to barrow and mix a lot from other songs. The video is funny. Planet Money had a podcast episode on  talking about the Korean music industry and this song. Reading about the  Gangnam district is interesting.

So I was watching the music video for Gangnam Style and the went to the official YouTube channel to listen to other music by PSY and came across the live concert recording video of Gangnam Style in Seoul Korea (below). I would like to see that. Not really for the music or performance but more that it looks so completely different from what I think of as a concert.


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