Selective memory

It seems that selective memory is often used as a criticism. I was listening to “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me,”  and the question was “what 1990 teen age show was resently remade?” The contestant had no idea; I didn’t either. The hint was “zip-code,” then I knew: 90210. The contestant still didn’t know–he said he didn’t really watch tv. In fact, when given the answer he had never heard of the show. I was listening to this as I was trying to remember the code to get in the gate at my storage unit. Wouldn’t it be great if we could select what we remembered and what we didn’t? I place no value on remembering the name of the show, but I sure would like to rememer other things. This of course bring up another problem, remembering the things I don’t remember, which points out the problem that if you could select what you remember you would later realize what you didn’t need to remember, but not what you should of remembered.  This is hindsight vision that is 20/20 in only one eye.

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